Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is MOOV by Garenta ?

MOOV by Garenta is a free float car rental service that you can rent per minute or daily. With this digital service you don’t have to go to rental offices, just find the closest car on the app, grab it and rent it as much as you need. You can use it how long you want and you can drop it wherever and whenever you want including our service area.

How do I MOOV?

MOOV by Garenta is fully a digital application. You can complete your membership and contract procedure online. Choose the closest available car on the app and MOOV whenever you want. After you choose the car, click to the “Pay with Credit Card” button and the car is all yours! 15 minutes is free, for you to go and reach the car and unlock the doors. And for the keys? It’s in the glovebox of the car you unlocked! When you want to drop the car, just park it where next user can reach it easily and leave the car clean. You can lock the doors on the app. You must drop the car in an area which is suitable for the next MOOVER to reach it. Otherwise, some traffic penalty tickets can occur like incorrect parking or non-use costs etc.


Pricing start from 15-minutes and it varies according to the brand, model and transmission types of the cars. You can find (all the pricing informations on the menu and on the each cars’ info boxes that you can see on the map) the 15-minute-rent costs, daily costs and addition rates for exceeding the maximum limit of km, for each MOOV cars on the map. Pricing will be start after 15 minutes from you click on “Pay with Credit Card” button or simply when you unlock the car doors.


MOOV cars consist a 'taşıtmatik' (fuel pass), you can stop by any Petrol Ofisi station at any time by saying that there is a 'taşıtmatik' (fuel pass) in the car and this will allow you to get fuel as much as you want and for free, you can just sit back and enjoy saying "full the tank". Remember, if you choose to buy fuel from a gas station other than Petrol Ofisi, the fuel cost will be charged from your account.

Who can MOOV?

According to our general rental conditions, a minimum of 19 years of age, a 1-year driver's license, your citizen ID (TCKN for Turkish citizens) must be written on it and a credit card registered on behalf of the person who will be renting are our criterias. Anyone who meets the criterias mentioned can MOOV.

How do i pay?

You can pay by credit card which belongs to you. Virtual card and debit card are not available.

Do I need to make reservations before renting?

There is no reservation at MOOV, all the cars are available to you until the renting period of time and of your choice!

What is radar feature, where you can use it?

It is a fabulous feature that will inform you, if there is an available car in the area approximately 15 min away from your location. Click Radar icon on the left corner of the map, set the duration of the radar and wait for us! Don’t forget, thousands can wait but only one can take the car! There may be more than one Radars set in the same area, whoever the fastest will take the car! If another MOOVER took the car, you can set Radar again! Radar feature is only for your current location.

Is there are a time limit using MOOV?

You can drive as much as you want. You can pay the daily rental car renting tariff even if you rent a car for more than 6 hours. So even if you MOOV for 24 hours, you pay only the 6 hour price. The KM exceeding fee is calculated according to the KM exceeding data. In addition, we launch daily rental campaigns frequently, we strongly recommend that you to follow our Campaigns page.

Which hours can I call the call center?

MOOV by Garenta Call Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can someone else use the car?

Only the registered user renting the car can use the car. Otherwise the responsibility belongs to the user and the insurance will be terminated.

Can I bring my pet along?

Of course, as long as they travel with suitable travel compartments or cages. In the absence of a mentioned cases (or cages), our little friend can cause small accidents. In such cases, the detailed cleaning fee will be reflected on the users account.

Is there anything like a discount or a campaign?

Of course! You can access the most up-to-date campaigns from the application and from our website.

What is the Service Area?

These are areas where MOOVERs can start and end their rentals. You can view the map of the Service Area from the menu.

Can I use my rental car outside the Service Area?

Of course you can. You are also under the protection of our insurance outside the service area. However, you can only end the rental within the service area.

Can I cancel my rental process?

You got 5 minutes to cancel after pressing the payment button. If you do not cancel within this period, the rental will begin and the 15 minutes fee will be charged from you.

Is there a kilometer limit on cars?

For every 15 KM you drive, 5 KM is on us! After that for every brand car, the change in the rate of KM, the KM exceeding fee will be charged from you.

What should I do if I forget my stuff inside the car?

That’s why we show you a control list while your completing rental process. We don’t want that something to happened to your personal stuff. We do our best for reminding it to you but we are not responsible from the forgotten stuff.

Call us: 444 98 59


How can I be a member?

You can be a member through a totally free, online process! We want you to upload a photo of your driver’s license which has your citizen number on it. If your driver’s license doesn’t include your citizen number, you have to renew your driving licence before your membership. For the last step, you have to record a 25-seconds long selfie video telling you accept the contract. Then after the approval process, you are finished with the membership procedure. Or you can go Çelik Motor HQ front desk, sign your contract and start MOOVing! For the video process; If you wait 1-2 seconds at the beginning of the video and start talking, we can hear your voice more clearly. Please make sure you are in a bright place with no sound in the background. Accessories such as hats and glasses should not be present so that we can see the face completely. You need to say our brand name clearly as MOOV by Garenta.

Can I MOOV with my driver's license from abroad?

Yes, you can! In addition to photo of your driver’s license, you have to upload a photo of your passport.

Credit card information given should be owned by the person who rents?

Yes. The credit card holder must be the same person who rents and drives the car.

Can I MOOV as soon as I download the app?

Yes, after you complete digital membership procedure and our system controls approval, you can start MOOVing.


What is the cleaning definition of MOOV?

It is very important for us to have our vehicles clean. In addition, since MOOV vehicles serve many MOOVERs throughout the day, our mats can become dusty, but this may sometimes not require intervention. If you encounter mud, ash or other contamination in the car, share it with us. In line with your feedback, we will direct our field team to the vehicles.

How often are our vehicles cleaned?

We determine the cleaning schedule of our vehicles in accordance with the specified number of uses and also according to your feedback.

Is there a smoking ban on vehicles?

Yes, no smoking in vehicles. For the laws and for MOOV is a sharing tool, we think of all MOOVERs and that’s why we banned the smoking in our vehicles, if we notice a situation about smoking, we implement a fine.

What should I do if I come across a dirty vehicle?

In such a case, send the images to e-mail address at the beginning of the rental so that we can make the necessary inspections. If you don't tell us about the dirt, there is a risk that when the next MOOVER notifies us of the dirt, it will cost you a detailed cleaning price. So it's very important that you share it with us.

What is the detailed cleaning cost?

The average detailed cleaning cost is up to TL 350 which is determined based on both the expenditure required for cleaning the vehicle left in poor condition.

In which cases is the detailed cleaning fee reflected?

If there is an unhygienic environment that will prevent us to travel peacefully in our common use vehicles, we have to charge the detailed cleaning price. Intense smell of cigarettes and ash, dirt and stains in areas where we have to touch the vehicle, spilled liquids are a few examples.


Are the cars insured?

All cars in the MOOV system are insured. Compulsory Motor Automobiles Liability Insurance in Highways, MOOV by Garenta determines the limits and coverage within the Optional Financial Liability Insurance, Personal Accident and Earthquake Insurance, Flood/Natural Flood, S.L.C.P.M.T (Strike, Lockout, Strive, Public Movements, Malicious Movements, Terror) and guarantees Catastrophy Casco Insurance with MOOV by Garenta. In addition to these, there is a Mini Damage Insurance Package which protects the damages up to 600 TL.

What should I do in cases where the damage involves one party?

Mini Damage Insurance which is included in the rental price and comes into effect in the car damages involving one party up to 600 TRY. To benefit from this insurance package, you must take photos of the accident and upload it to the MOOV by Garenta application and press 1 by calling 444 98 59 and report. If the damage is higher than 600 TRY, you must submit the traffic accident report and the alcohol report wholly and completely within 5 working days at the latest to the service requested by MOOV by Garenta. If you can collect all the documents while the car is still with you (during the rental process), you can leave the documents in the glove box. As long as you meet these conditions, you will be covered by our insurance.

What should I do in cases where the damage involves second parties?

Regardless of the damage cost, you must keep the accident report together with the cars involved in the accident and in the contracted situations, and you must put the car's license and the other party’s documents (license, traffic registration, traffic insurance) in the glove box of the car.

If the agreement cannot be provided or in case of an accident, the Police must be brought to the scene of accident. Following that, you must send the photocopies of the traffic accident report and the originals of the alcohol report as well as the documents such as driver's license and traffic insurance policy to the service requested by MOOV by Garenta within 5 working days at the latest. You must also inform us by pressing 1 by calling 444 98 59. You will not be liable for the damage, if you have fulfilled these conditions, (unless there is no use of alcohol which is not within the insurance conditions in this case) all damage costs will be covered by the insurance.


How can I use paid roads, who pays?

MOOV by Garenta Cars have HGS (Fast- Track system). You can pass across the tollhouse with MOOV. In this case you should use HGS lane ,not OGS(Auto-Pass System) lane. The transit pass you will make shall be collected from the credit card along with the service fee following the MOOV. Thus, you just MOOV it.

I've rented a car and do I have to pay the the traffic ticket for the license plate?

If you violate the traffic rules, we pay the penalties, then we charge you along with the service fee.

What is the Provision Cost?

We mean the cost of 4 hours of car use. When your MOOV is over, we cancel it within 7 days. However, after 7 days, the cancellation is fully reflected in accordance with your bank’s cancellation policy.


Where can I park?

You should park the MOOV cars in a place where they cannot be damaged or towed. It is always one of the main tasks of a MOOVER to pick a place where the MOOV will be easily accessible for the person after you. If you leave the car parked in a parking lot, the parking fee will be covered by you. If the car stays in the parking lot for a long time the cost may be a little bit more so, we warn you on that and only to expect you to fulfill your responsibility on your part. So what does a MOOVER do to get a MOOV car from a paid parking area? They pay the fee, send the photo of the receipt to, and we refund the parking fee they paid there. If the next MOOVER can not reach the parking lot or can not take the car out from a private site parking lot or a complex that you parked the car before, we must invoice the parking penalty fee to you.

How does MOOVER use the ISPARK?

All MOOVERs can use all ISPARKs (inside or outside of the service area) free of charge for MOOV vehicles. Barriers are automatically opened with a plate recognition system in open and folded ISPARK. On the roadside ISPARK, the officer is told that it is a MOOV by Garenta vehicle and no matter how long the car stays in the parking lot, you can enjoy parking at no cost. Kozyatağı Sebze-Meyve Hali ve Bayrampaşa Sebze - Meyve Hali Parking Lots are ISPARK’s affiliated to İstanbul Haller Directorate and are excluded from free use due to their agreements with the General Directorate of İSPARK. In addition, Yavuz Sultan Selim Auto Parking Lot is excluded from the usage and free coverage of MOOV by Garenta because it works only with subscription.

How to use İzelman Parking Lots?

All open parking lots, parking garage and roadside Izelman car parks are free of charge for MOOV users whether or not within our Izmir service area. Underground parking lots are not covered by free use due to limited internet access. MOOV by Garenta, which serves completely online, must have an active internet access especially during the rental start and end processes. Alsancak Full Automatic Parking should not be used for MOOV vehicles due to the automatic system.


When picking up a car at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Choose the car that is available from the app. Your car will be waiting for you in the G28 area at the "rent a car" floor (-3rd floor, green car park) of the airport car park. With our license plate recognition system, the barriers will be opened automatically.

When leaving a car at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport

After the main entrance of the airport, follow the signs to the parking lot and take the parking ticket to the entrance and continue towards the parking garage. You can finish your rental in the G28 area on the -3rd floor (green car park) that you can reach by following the “Rent a Car” signs. You must be sure you drop the parking ticket that you took before, somewhere we can see easily.

When picking up a car at the İstanbul Airport

Choose the car that is available from the app. The car you choose will be waiting for you at the “Rent a Car” car park (“R” floor) Red car park where you can find the car park via directions at the entrance. The location of the car at the “R” floor, “Red” car park can be found easily with the description of the previous MOOVER and the photo of the vehicle. Barriers will be opened automatically at the parking exit. In case the barriers are not opened, you can get support from the staff by pressing the phone button on the machine that receives the parking ticket, indicating that you want to exit with the MOOV by Garenta car.

When leaving a car at the İstanbul Airport

MOOV early in order to avoid any hitches on your flight. After the main entrance of the airport, you can reach the “R” floor, “Red” car park by following the “Rent a Car Delivery” signs. With our license plate recognition system, the barriers will be opened automatically. If it is not opened, you can get support by pressing the telephone button on the machine that gives parking ticket, indicating that you want to enter with MOOV by Garenta car. Then you can leave your car in flat R, in a Red parking lot that you can choosed.
To share the description and photograph of the parking area where you leave the vehicle, including the car park color and column number.

When picking up a car at the İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Choose the car that is available from the app. Your car will be waiting for you on the Rent a Car / Car Rental floor. You can find your car’s location easily by using Get Directions future from the application. The Garenta officer will accompany you with a vehicle until the exit and you will be able to leave the parking lot without charge. In any emergency, you can reach us at +905362883884 or +905352483395

When leaving a car at the İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Be sure to reach us at +905362883884 or +905352483395 10 minutes before arriving at the airport. After entering the airport, head towards the Domestic Terminal and go to the Rent a Car / Car Rental parking lot. The Garenta officer will be waiting for you at the entrance to the parking lot and will open the barrier.